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Tooth Preparation Guidelines

Ceramic Prep Guide

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Zirconia Crowns Guide

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Data capture

Record your tooth preparation, adjacent and opposing teeth, and occlusal registration digitally with your CEREC acquisition unit and through the internet portal of CEREC Connect, or provide traditional impressions or dental casts.  We will then digitize the data and create the ceramic restoration.

Note:  When doing an anterior tooth, also capture the contra lateral tooth in an image.


How to use CEREC Connect


Shade selection

Photographs can be very helpful.  Selecting a shade for the intended color of the restoration, the prepared tooth (stump shade), and most importantly, the degree of translucency needed to match the adjacent teeth will lead to great results.

Material selection

As a prosthodontic specialty practice, we have tracked the clinical behavior of each material we offer in our lab.  You may choose from the silicate products, such as feldspathic, luecite-reinforced, llithium disilicate, or resin/ceramic combination materials, or with the zirconia materials for either monolithic or CAD/CAM layered restorations.

Time of return

We can have most silicate-based ceramic restorations the next afternoon and zirconia-based restorations within one week.

Shade revisions

When revisions in shade are required, no problem! Just describe your needs and we will take care of it. If you would like us to take a look, send the patient to our office for a color consultation.